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On Track Mastery is all about growing YOUR authentic leadership style!

The On Track Mastery (OTM) Map and its 5 success principles is mainly developed for entrepreneurs (or entrepreneur-wannabees) that are feeling stuck and unable to take action because they simply don’t know their next step.

If this is you, the OTM map will help you gain the clarity and the focus that you need to unstuck.

Working with the OTM map will leaved you feel energized and ready to take the next actionable step, which will lead to the result that you desire. Be that writing your first book, or setting up your first blogpost.

The OTM map will provide you with guidelines for how to get the results that you want.

The secret behind the OTM map is that it is holistic and flexible so that I can help you grow your own authentic leadership style.

No cookie-cutter, one-fit all system can do what the OTM map can do for you.

A very important part of the 5 OTM map is that it also recognizes your emotional well-being and relational life as fundamental to our success.

The founder, Michala Storm has created the OTM model out of her 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and her own cry for a system that would help put together all of her creative endeavors in way that would help her gain clarity and keep focused, rather than getting stuck.

The OTM model can be used in multiple ways, for example:

  • To clarify your business vision
  • For (visual) goal setting & reference
  • To identify your core block to success
  • As a step by step business/action plan
  • As s daily reminder of what you need to do next

About the founder

Michala Storm – the founder and instructor of the On Track Mastery (OTM) map

Michala has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and includes highly innovative methods to the OTM Map to help her client break though, for example story telling, visual goal setting, journaling, as well as intentional creativity.

Michala is a originally trained as co-active coach by the Coaches Training Institute, she is also a certified relationship coach, as well as certified intentional creativity teacher.

She is the author of ”Procrastination – 15 Strategies To Overcome Procrastination Today!” and holds a journalism degree from the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

Click here to learn more about Michala Storm