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Michala has done an amazing job of capturing the wisdom of many masters. Read this book now and you will already be on your way to breaking one the major dream killer patterns.” Marcia Wieder , CEO/Founder, Dream University
Michala Storms’s book, Procrastination, is entertaining, illuminating, and a simple yet powerful resource for achieving our goals. Read it today! You’ll be glad you did. Laurel Gaumer, USA
If you struggle with procrastination (and who doesn’t?) you will be relieved and delighted by the variety of effective strategies Michala Storm describes in her book. What captured my interest is that this is not a ”one size fits all” approach to solving this sticky problem.

Michala offers 15 different strategies and encourages readers to experiment with them to find those that prove most effective for them. Your choices will be influenced by whether you resonate more with creative or analytical processes and by your specific situation.

I’m finding the ”Energy Management” especially helpful right now. Her book shifts the mindset of tackling procrastination from painful struggle to a rewarding challenge!” Rose Muenker, writing coach and author,


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