Always Trust Your Gut

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How many times have you said “yes” when you what you really meant was “no”?

You may be confused and overwhelmed by your workload and the decisions that you have to make but your body never lies.

When we are busy,we tend to get too caught up in our heads and quite often forget this simple truth.

We then end up making decisions that are based on stress and fear rather than what you want, because we say “yes” when we what we really mean is “no”.

These types of decisions rarely lead to the results that you want.

I strongly believe that the no 1 reason why we fail to listen to our internal compass has a lot to do with stress (not wanting to hurt or disappoint other people counts too but that’s for another blog).

So how do we change that?

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Take pauses often enough to slow down so that you get into a more peaceful state of mind which enables you to actually listen to your inner compass.
  2. Dare to act on what feels right to you. You are not in business to win a popularity contest. You are in to authentically help the specific people who need the service or product you have to offer. 
  3. Remind yourself, that by honoring your own gut feeling, you allow other to do the same. This perspective always works in everyone’s best interest.

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